Laurence Hervieux Gosselin

Noémie Weinstein
From the very first time David and Leah met it was obvious they shared troubling similarities. However, it was only through watching late night and often forgotten documentaries, eating Japanese take-out, and all while dreaming of unattainable destinies that their unlikely friendship was forged.

With a trusty Tascam, they recorded the samples of "Record Now", which in turn became the opening title of their EP
Windfall, released in May of 2021. It was those very first sounds fused with the twilight aspect of their productions that inspired the namesake Sleeplearners.

Trained as a cellist, Leah studied classical music at the Conservatory for almost a decade. David has an audio-video practice and Master's degree in Visual and Media Arts. From their respective backgrounds stems a meticulous music that they produce, just like their video clips, in a corner of a Montreal apartment. The entire experience being inspired by their atypical friendship as much as by their taste for the sensitive and the unexpected.

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